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A Quiet Place away from City chaos

Meet like-minded people, form study-groups & discuss new ideas. Fully air-conditioned hall. comfortable chairs. Separate cabin. Locker & other amenities
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About us

Join Pratibha Library. Great atmosphere that helps you focus achieve greater success in your life.

Meet like-minded people, form study-groups or just relax and study solo. We provide you with the best ambient conditions with facilities such as:
  •  Fully Air-conditioned Hall
  • Free High-Speed Internet
  • Well-lit environment
  • Silent Atmosphere
  • Discussion Room
  • Reserved Seats
  • RO Water
  • Locker Facilities
  • Under CCTV Surveillance
  • Hindi & Eng. Newspaper Daily
  • Snacks & Beverages (Chargeable)

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Yolanda Jenkins

Founder & Head of School


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Book your seat for one shift. Be it morning, evening or night.


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Book any two shifts. Morning-Evening, Evening-Night or Night-Morning.


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Why us

The best early learning experience

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Daily activities

Designed to help children realize their potential

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Morning Huddles

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The Basics

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Play Stations

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Learning Lab

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Outdoor Play

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Meet the Friendly Owner

Your Friend. Your Brother

Siddharth Sinha


What Learners say
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Ramona Altenwerth

More than just a place to study

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